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MPAC: ImpacT At The Table – June 10, 2016 – One Week


As clock ticks down to deadline, workers hold cross-province information pickets

OPSEU members at MPAC held information pickets across Ontario yesterday to share the message that “we deliver real value” with the public – and to say that time is running out for the employer to offer a fair deal. In Goderich, Sault Ste Marie, Peterborough and a number of other towns and cities across Ontario, MPAC members took to the streets to share their struggle to get fair value from their employer, at a time when some Sunshine List managers have received raises of 14-24 per cent over the last two years.










Thanks for your support

Thanks for helping us send a message that the employer can’t ignore!

On behalf of our bargaining team, I want to thank the hundreds of members who came out to information pickets yesterday from one end of the province to the other. Together, you’ve sent a clear message to the employer that members are standing with our bargaining team as we fight for a deal that is in line with what other municipal workers have received. We’ve also shown the employer that we won’t accept attacks on retiree benefits for our long-serving members.

On June 15 and 16 our bargaining team will return to the table strengthened by the resolve of the membership. We’ll be meeting with an employer who knows that our members won’t accept a deal that doesn’t recognize the fact that “we deliver real value.”

In solidarity,

David Lynch
Chair, OPSEU Bargaining Team at MPAC

Keeping up the pressure

Now is the time to keep the pressure up on MPAC to offer a fair deal. While the information pickets are over, you can help keep pressure on by adding your voice to the conversation on social media – and asking your friends and neighbours to add theirs! Join the conversation by posting on twitter with the hashtags #realvalue and #canlab, and by tagging @OPSEU and @mpac_ontario in your comments.

Download June 10, 2016 Impact at the Table, Issue 9