Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

MPAC: ImpacT At The Table – February 2016 – MPAC insults employees with offer of less than 1.7 per cent wage increase over three years


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Last week, MPAC insulted its employees by offering "zero (0)" in the first year and less than 1.7 per cent in total over a three-year term.

This is truly offensive. The municipalities who fund MPAC have paid their own employees an average increase of 1.7 per cent per year. They have never forced zero per cent on their employees. Market value from our municipal partners is established at an average of 1.7 per cent per year.  Why does MPAC want to underpay its employees and offer less than the market value increase we deserve?

It is possible that we will hold a strike vote on February 29 if the employer doesn’t smarten up.

With respect to accreditation, the employer continues with their “Plan without a Plan.” The employer has proposed that all Property Valuation Specialists and Mass Appraisal Analysts hold an accreditation by January 1, 2019. Failure to do this will result in a non-disciplinary demotion.

The employer wants to force accreditation upon our members that have worked successfully in their positions for many years. This is not acceptable. We have and will continue to demand protection for our members.

In addition, effective January 1, 2016 our membership will no longer be allowed to study or complete assignments during work hours. The employees who are enrolled in an eligible course whereby an exam is taking place during normal working hours may request time off to write the exam.

For the employer, to take away paid study time as well as the paid time used for assignment completion directly violates their work life balance initiative and seems to contradict their demand for accreditation. The employer wants a number of union members to be accredited but are unwilling to support us in this endeavor. With morale at an all-time low this shows the lack of respect and support the employer has for us. 

The employer is seeking changes with respect to Letters of Understanding (LOU#1 and LOU#2) of the collective agreement. The employer has made it clear that accreditation and these two items are their priority. They are seeking the elimination of LOU#1 severance for those who were divested. This affects approximately 350 people. They also want changes to LOU#2 which means those who retired will pay 50 per cent of post-retirement benefits premiums. 

We have agreed in good faith to continue negotiations with our employer. We have additional dates scheduled for February 22-23. We are hoping that the employer comes with a reasonable offer. If not, we will look for a strike vote to take place on Monday, February 29 (details to follow) and the union may seek an application for conciliation. We believe a solid strike vote may be essential to moving the employer away from their most insulting proposals. The goal of a solid strike vote is not to have a strike but to avoid a strike. This will help your team achieve a fair contract.

Your bargaining team will continue to seek the protection and compensation we all deserve. We are seeking your support during our next bargaining dates. Help us send a message to the employer that it’s time to build morale and demonstrate that our work is what makes this company one of the top 100 employers. All we ask is that we are compensated and recognized for the work we do.  

Once again, your bargaining team would like to thank you for your continued support. More details about the strike vote will be provided as they become available.

In solidarity,
David Lynch
Chair, Bargaining Team

Bargaining Team Contact Information

We have included the bargaining team members e-mail addresses and assigned a member to each office. Please see below for your office's bargaining team contact.

Peter McClenaghan – Goderich, Chatham, Sarnia, Windsor and Kitchener

Paul Leslie – Pickering, Richmond Hill, Peterborough and Milner

Tom Chisholm – North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Kenora, Fort Francis, Dryden and Pembroke

Mark Hotte – Cornwall, Brockville, Kingston, Trenton, and Ottawa

David Lynch – Bracebridge, Parry Sound, Barrie, London, Hamilton, Mississauga and Toronto