Ministry of the Solicitor General releases additional information on Correctional Sergeants

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The Ministry of the Solicitor General (SolGen) released additional information on their intended reorganization on December 14, 2022. The full memo can be read here.

SolGen indicated that they identified a total of 572 Sergeants and 48 Staff Sergeants in the province – to a total of 620 positions. The memo indicated that there would continue to be 620 positions allocated as 182 Correctional Supervisors and 438 Staff Sergeants. SolGen reiterated that there would be no loss of positions as a result of their organizational review.

On the same day, SolGen issued individual memos to all staff at each institution outlining the allocation of Correctional Supervisor and Staff Sergeant positions. The list below provides further details on the Employer’s current allocation of positions by institution:

  • ATRC: 0 Correctional Supervisors, 12 Staff Sergeants
  • CECC: 25 Correctional Supervisors, 33 Staff Sergeants
  • CNCC: 18 Correctional Supervisors, 30 Staff Sergeants
  • EMDC: 8 Correctional Supervisors, 25 Staff Sergeants
  • Fort Frances Jail: 0 Correctional Supervisors, 7 Staff Sergeants
  • HWDC: 10 Correctional Supervisors, 23 Staff Sergeants
  • Kenora Jail: 3 Correctional Supervisors, 13 Staff Sergeants
  • MHCC: 16 Correctional Supervisors, 36 Staff Sergeants
  • Monteith CC: 2 Correctional Supervisors, 13 Staff Sergeants
  • NDC: 3 Correctional Supervisors, 12 Staff Sergeants
  • North Bay Jail: 0 Correctional Supervisors, 8 Staff Sergeants
  • OCDC: 13 Correctional Supervisors, 24 Staff Sergeants
  • OCI: 6 Correctional Supervisors, 9 Staff Sergeants
  • QDC: 2 Correctional Supervisors, 13 Staff Sergeants
  • Sarnia Jail: 0 Correctional Supervisors, 8 Staff Sergeants
  • St-Lawrence CTC & Brockville Jail: 2 Correctional Supervisors, 14 Staff Sergeants
  • Stratford Jail: 0 Correctional Supervisors, 6 Staff Sergeants
  • Sudbury Jail: 0 Correctional Supervisors, 11 Staff Sergeants
  • SWDC: 10 Correctional Supervisors, 18 Staff Sergeants
  • TBCC: 3 Correctional Supervisors, 15 Staff Sergeants
  • Thunder Bay Jail: 2 Correctional Supervisors, 10 Staff Sergeants
  • TEDC: 10 Correctional Supervisors, 21 Staff Sergeants
  • TSDC: 42 Correctional Supervisors, 62 Staff Sergeants
  • VCFW: 7 Correctional Supervisors, 15 Staff Sergeants

TOTAL: 182 Correctional Supervisors, 438 Staff Sergeants

The Union remains troubled by SolGen’s allocation of positions, particularly with several institutions being allocated zero Correctional Supervisor positions.

OPSEU/SEFPO’s Response to Reclassification of Sergeants within the Ministry of the Solicitor General

On December 14, 2022, OPSEU/SEFPO President JP Hornick and BMERC Co-Chair Chad Oldfield sent a detailed letter to the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Treasury Board Secretariat outlining the Union’s concerns with the Employer’s proposed reorganization of staffing in adult correctional institutions.

The following concerns were outlined in detail:

  • Ministry’s response to the GSB decision was to eliminate the position/classification that was the subject of arbitration
  • Distribution of Correctional Supervisor and Staff Sergeant positions throughout the province, including some institutions that will be allocated zero Correctional Supervisor positions
  • The 9-step Correctional Supervisor wage grid was not negotiated with the Union
  • Overlap of the duties outlined in the Position Description Reports for the new Correctional Supervisor and Staff Sergeant positions
  • Ministry’s intention to directly assign excluded staff to bargaining unit positions
  • Lack of information provided to impacted employees on potential pension implications or where they can obtain this information
  • The Ministry’s intention to continue to utilize Fixed-Term Correctional Supervisors
  • Lack of information regarding impacts within the Youth Justice Division
  • Method of filling of future Correctional Supervisor vacancies

The letter can be read in full here. A meeting was requested with SolGen and TBS to begin negotiations on the outstanding issues.

On December 19, 2022, a response was received from TBS indicating that a meeting would be arranged to discuss the Union’s concerns in the next several weeks.

This meeting was held on January 24, 2023 at which time the Employer indicated they were proceeding with their reorganization plans as outlined. The Union reiterated the concerns raised regarding assignment of employees to the new bargaining unit positions, the 9-step wage grid, overlapping job duties, and the distribution of positions across the province. The Employer indicated they were not prepared to move on any of these issues during the current reorganization and will be proceeding with their reorganization plans.

To be clear, the Union has not agreed to any portion of the Employer’s current reorganization plans.

At this time, we remain in consultation with the OPSEU/SEFPO Arbitrations Unit and legal counsel over next steps. Further updates will be provided when available.

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