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Ministry of Health coronavirus situation report #45



  • Case counts as of March 10, 2020:
    • China: 80,775 cases; 3,136 deaths
    • Asia & Oceania: 9,545 cases; 75 deaths (South Korea – 54)
    • Europe: 16,153 cases; 544 deaths (Italy – 463)
    • Middle East: 8,481 cases; 296 deaths (Iran – 291)
    • Africa: 95 cases; 1 death
    • Latin America and Caribbean: 90 cases; 1 death
    • North America: 794 cases
      • United States – 722 cases; 28 deaths
      • Canada – 72 cases; 1 death
  • One new case was reported today in Ontario, bringing the cumulative total to 36 (this includes 5 resolved cases).
  • In Ontario, there are 112 persons under investigation with lab results pending.
  • Three new countries/territories/areas (Panama, Mongolia, Burkina Faso) have reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.
  • Over 100 countries have now reported laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Actions Taken:

  • The Government of Canada has updated their travel health notice to now include Germany, France, and Spain. Going forward, the Public Health Agency of Canada will refer to the World Health Organization Situation Reports, its list of affected areas, and will include the following language: “Health professionals in Canada who are involved in the assessment and management of possible COVID-19 cases and their close contacts are encouraged to consult these tables in the daily WHO Situation Report to help inform their decision making. The decision to proceed with laboratory testing should be based on direction provided by the provincial/territorial public health authority.”
  • A repatriation flight of Canadians from the Grand Princess cruise ship arrived at CFB Trenton early this morning. The Red Cross is providing onsite care, with EMAT providing some offsite support.
  • The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed two new guidance documents for health system partners:
  • Future scenario planning is currently underway amongst provincial partners and stakeholders at regional levels and within many sectors. Further information will be communicated as the process evolves.
  • As a reminder, the ministry can be contacted through the Health Care Provider Hotline for policy guidance related to COVID-19. At this time, the hotline is unable to provide clinical advice regarding the management of cases.

Next Steps:

  • The ministry is updating guidance documents and will distribute them once they are complete.
  • The ministry will work with and support local partners and the federal government to support repatriated citizens.
  • The ministry continues to work with health system partners to understand their needs with respect to personal protective equipment and other supplies.

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