Hospital Professionals

Mediation gives way to arbitration

After 10 days of bargaining and one and a half days of mediation, your HPD bargaining team is now preparing to take unresolved priority issues to arbitration.

There were still many items on the table as we progressed towards our mediation dates. Your team’s goals were to get stronger language around job security issues and central scheduling provisions, and to extract every dollar available under Bill 124 to enhance wages, premiums, vacation and benefits.

The Hospitals were vigorously pursuing concessions on job security, notice of layoff, job posting and long-term disability. On compensation, the Hospitals were aggressively pursuing costing practices that would limit what was available to spend under Bill 124.

It is clear that there is no consideration from the Hospitals for the sacrifices HPD members made during the greatest health crisis in a generation.

“Value” merely lip service

At the beginning of bargaining, the Hospitals made a point of telling your bargaining team how much they valued the work we do and the valuable services we provide. Not surprisingly, their kind words were just that… words. At no time did that translate into any kind of substantial offer for your contract. In fact, the OHA failed to have meaningful dialogue on the key issues we tabled.

This reluctance to engage with us on our issues left us guessing as to their true commitment to our members and improving their working conditions. So despite the platitudes, we remain severely undervalued for the crucial services we provide.

Where do we go from here?

Your bargaining team will be working diligently over the coming weeks to determine which issues we will take forward to arbitration, as well as advising staff in the preparation of our arguments. Our interest arbitration hearing before arbitrator William Kaplan is scheduled for June 23-24.

As we move through the process, we will keep you posted as news becomes available.

In solidarity,
Your HPD Bargaining Team:

Sandi Blancher
Betty Palmieri
Brenda Allen
Beverly Weaver
Kelly Richmond
Steven McCaw

Marc Casey, negotiator
Michèle Dawson Haber, senior research officer