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Media react to President’s press conference on dispatcher shocks

Ambulance dispatchers say they're getting electrical jolts through their headsets

Workers at an ambulance dispatch centre in Hamilton say they are enduring electric shocks at work, but say their employer isn't taking their complaints about it seriously enough. Dispatchers say they have been jolted through their headsets at their electronic workstations, where they receive emergency 9-1-1 calls and dispatch paramedics.

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Hamilton ambulance dispatchers say they’re suffering electric shocks at workplace

Ambulance dispatchers at the Hamilton communications centre are speaking out about traumatic injuries they say were caused by electrical shocks at their workplace. They're also complaining that their employer — the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care — isn't addressing serious safety problems.

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Hamilton's ambulance dispatchers feel unsafe at work (audio)

Hamilton’s ambulance dispatchers say their workplace is unsafe. Supervisor Cindy Falcao says since October 2015 nine ambulance communications officers have suffered severe electrical shocks to their heads and bodies while on the job at the Hamilton Central Ambulance Communication Centre on Fennell Avenue West.

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