OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

Media highlights worker concerns as LCBO pickets spread across Ontario

As OPSEU members at the LCBO continued with a third week of information pickets, coverage from media focused on concerns about casual work and scheduling, worker safety, job security, and the threat of the loss of revenue from privatization.

LCBO workers educating customers before talks resume next week

Local OPSEU members at the LCBO are fighting for the rights of casual workers to get enough hours to make ends meet, and held an information picket to educate the public on Wednesday. Issues on the table include not just casual workers’ hours, but also job security and privatization.

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Kakabeka Falls picket brings LCBO worker concerns to Thunder Bay evening news

LCBO workers held a demonstration to draw attention to the fact that employees at small locations often work alone, putting their safety at risk. The union points out that with the LCBO generating nearly $2 billion in profit annually, it can afford to ensure the safety of its employees.

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Privatization worries surface during LCBO picket at Woodbridge store

Members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) holding signs and waving a flag drew customers’ attention to a number of labour concerns including job security and the use of casual workers. They also warned customers that LCBO management is “pushing a privatization agenda” which would make it easier to expand the private sale of alcohol, putting at risk $2.4 billion in annual revenue used to pay for provincial services.

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