Media covers safety concerns at CNE

Strike for safety

The strike by safety inspectors at the Technical Standards and Safety Authority is in the headlines this week.   Members of OPSEU/SEFPO Local 546 have been picketing Sunday and Monday to try to get a first contract.

Fuel safety inspector and Local 546 bargaining member Cory Knipe told CBC Toronto and the Toronto Star that the TSSA has had multiple chances to return to the table to work out a better deal for their workers, but they refuse to budge.

“We were given basically a take-it-or-leave-it, and they left the table and never came back,” Knipe said. “We have left the door wide open for them to return.”

Knipe and his colleagues are expressing serious concerns for the safety of CNE patrons while they continue to strike. “Without the oversight there’s definitely potential for some risk to the public,” Leo Tuusa, a member of the bargaining team, told Global News.

Amusement devices inspector Stephanie Coyne told TB Newswatch that one of her main concerns is that there won’t be operation inspections after the rides are broken down, transported, and rebuilt at new locations. “Who is confirming to the public, and to the parents, that the people operating these rides are qualified? There’s no one checking right now,” she said.


TSSA safety inspectors on strike now