Make your city a “No Paid Plasma Zone”!

As part of the No Paid Plasma campaign we have developed a resolution that you can take to your own local city council and encourage them to declare their city a “No Paid Plasma Zone!”

The resolution is rooted in the principles of voluntary, non-remunerated blood and plasma donation, as recommended by the World Health Organization and the Krever Commission.

The resolution addresses recent developments that undermine these principles, like the secret 15-year exclusive contract signed by Canadian Blood Services with Grifols Pharmaceuticals, allowing the company to operate paid plasma clinics despite paid blood and plasma collection being prohibited in Ontario.

By supporting this resolution and encouraging your city council to pass it, you can help protect our public blood and plasma collection system, safeguard the health of Ontarians, and prevent the exploitation of vulnerable populations.

Please consider bringing this resolution to the attention of your city council and advocating for its passage. Together, we can ensure the safety, integrity, and fairness of our blood and plasma supply system!

Link to the resolution (PDF):  No Paid Plasma City Council Resolution