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Loitering bylaw discussion raises racism concerns

Leamington rally for migrant workers

Concerned about the racist overtones of a proposed anti-loitering bylaw in Leamington, a group of activists held a rally on Sunday, September 10.

“I felt like you're discriminating against a specific group of workers which are the migrant workers," OPSEU Equity Mobilization Team member Elizabeth Ha told CTV News, adding that migrant farm workers contribute an estimated $18 million to the local economy and generate substantial profits for Windsor and Essex County's multi-billion dollar agricultural industry.

"This is the tomato capital, but it I don't think it would be the tomato capital if it weren't for migrant workers," Ha told CBC News (at 16:22 in this link). "They live here. They work here. They go downtown and spend their money here. They're contributing to our economy."

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