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LockTalk, Issue 6: Bargaining starts next week

Lest we forget

As we enter upon this Remembrance Day weekend, we would like to give thanks to all of those who have served or currently serve, and to all those who have died, making the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.

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Bargaining begins November 15

Your bargaining team continues to ready our opening position in preparation for our first bargaining session on Wednesday, November 15.

We have gone through all the demands and are prepared to present, with compelling arguments, what you, the membership, have asked for and what we, the division, deserve.

We will begin negotiating non-monetary demands first, which were high on the list of demands received from across the province.

We have reached out and received exceptional support from other unions and associations to help ensure we are fully prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

We also continue to review the bargaining that took place in years past so we know the roadmap to making things happen. We want to ensure we have the strongest possible positions, while considering the Burkett decision in its entirety. 

Finally, a number of team members met with the employer this week to continue the separation of the previous agreement as we work towards the final version of our first stand-alone Correctional collective agreement.

In solidarity,
Your Corrections bargaining team