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LockTalk, Issue 5: preparing for bargaining

Your Corrections bargaining team would like to extend a big thank-you once again to all who attended Queen’s Park with us last week – and to everyone who showed support in their workplaces.

Click here to download LockTalk, Issue 5

The response we received clearly demonstrates the level of commitment, passion, and conviction this division has maintained. You will be called upon again, and we count on your continued support.

Your bargaining team met with the employer again this week, and we continue to work towards finalizing our first draft standalone collective agreement.

Your team also worked on organizing and prioritizing issues in preparing to begin bargaining. We received presentations specific to bargaining demands and process, and we reviewed a number of matters, including case law, pending legislative changes, various pieces of provincial and federal legislation, and special case studies and accompanying research.

Our first meeting with the employer for issues bargaining is scheduled for November 15.

In addition, we have been renewing the informative website www.crisisincorrections.ca. We encourage you to follow and share it. Please be sure to provide your team with any information you wish to be considered for inclusion on this website.

Finally, we are in discussions with the campaigns department to determine strategies.

As we continue, our resolve remains strong. Our time is NOW!

In solidarity,
Your Corrections bargaining team