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LockTalk 9: Talks break down, preparing for arbitration

On behalf of the Correctional Bargaining Team, thank you to all the locals and members who showed their support while we were heading into mediation. It was a great show of how our division is united in seeking a fair collective agreement that meets the unique needs of members in the correctional bargaining unit. Here are a few pictures from the events held around the province.

Image collage of Correctional Bargaining Unit members across the province holding events and info pickets in support of their bargaining team


On Saturday September 17th, 2022, your Correctional Bargaining Team, and arbitration lawyers Nini Jones and Lauren Pearce, came prepared to sit down and engage with the Employer at the mediation table with the assistance of mediator William Kaplan. We were scheduled for two days of mediation with the hopes that we would be able to negotiate a fair collective agreement. Unfortunately talks broke down after 6 hours.

The next step in the process is for the parties to set dates and prepare for arbitration. As ever, a strong and fair collective agreement is our goal. Mr. Kaplan will be the arbitrator. He will hear submissions from both parties and issue a final and binding award.

Once we have confirmed dates for arbitration, we will provide this information to the field.

Due to the confidentiality restrictions in the mediation/arbitration process we are limited by the information that can be shared at this time. Once the process is complete and we have a final and binding award, we will share it.

In solidarity,
Your Correctional Bargaining Team