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LockTalk 8: Making progress

Since the Correctional bargaining unit became a stand-alone unit, separate from the rest of the Ontario Public Service, the team has been working diligently to create a separate collective agreement.

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We are happy with our progress on the separated, stand-alone collective agreement, which will become our starting point for issues bargaining with the employer, and we are eager to engage in those negotiations. Our next date to meet with the employer is December 5.

We held our first conference call with the divisional leadership on Thursday, November 23. The team fielded a number of excellent questions. In the near future, we intend to release a question-and-answer document for mass distribution.

One of our intentions with this round of bargaining is to ensure a constant flow of communication between the team and the division. Please remember to use correctionsbargaining2017@opseu.org for any questions you may have.

As the first initiative of our corrections crisis campaign, your local leaders will be receiving samples of toques that will be made available for purchase. We hope members will spread the message as far and wide as possible. Please remember to visit crisisincorrections.ca and share the link on all social media platforms.

We finished the week with a presentation and discussion on benefits and pension options. We are committed to bringing the division the improvements that we all deserve.

This is our time!

In solidarity,
Your Correctional bargaining team