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LockTalk #27 – Agreement reached on Nurse Practitioner wages

Following the update on May 9th, 2024 in LockTalk 26, the Employer came back to the table with an updated proposal on Nurse Practitioner wages. The updated proposal reduced the number of steps on the Nurse Practitioner wage grid from eight to six and raised the starting wage rate for a new Nurse Practitioner, eliminating any overlap with the Nurse 2, General wage grid. After consultation with our arbitration lawyers we have agreed to the Employer’s updated proposal. The parties have signed an agreement which can be reviewed in this link.

The Employer has advised that they are prioritizing the implementation of all Nurse wage grids, including the Nurse Practitioner grid. As with the other wage grid implementation, this will be a two-step process. First will be to have the current 2024 wage rates implemented, and then work on retroactive payments will follow.

Additional updates regarding implementation will be provided when available.

Thank you,

Janet Laverty, Bargaining Team Chair
Adam Cygler, Bargaining Team Vice-Chair