LockTalk 16: Moving on to monetary

Gains made in non-monetary items

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Most non-monetary items have now been dealt with. Thanks to the support of the Corrections Division, your bargaining team was able to put enough pressure on the government to force it to relent on key issues.

Although it was a gruelling process that took months, the team achieved an important number of non-monetary gains. We send special thanks to the actors who heeded the team’s call and provided invaluable support. We greatly appreciate everybody’s continued commitment.

Government disappoints on monetary items proposal

On April 20, we exchanged monetary positions with the employer. Clearly, the employer’s offer is disgraceful and shows that, despite talk of transformation, they are not willing to put their money where their mouth is – let alone know the meaning of the words “appreciation” or “respect.”

We will continue to work diligently on behalf of the membership to negotiate a fair and well-deserved contract. The team has indicated the importance of negotiating our issues to achieve gains in the COR collective agreement until we are at impasse.

Legal expert engaged

In preparation for items that may proceed to arbitration, we have received the union’s approval to work with renowned legal expert Caroline (Nini) Jones.

Nini has an abundance of arbitration and litigation experience representing police associations, including the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA), in arbitration matters with this very same employer. We are confident of her ability to prepare a thorough, well-thought-out presentation that will ensure our members’ needs are fully valued during the arbitration process.

Member resigns

Autumn Butsch has resigned from the bargaining team. We extend our thanks for her work over the previous months.

Andrew Shakespear (Local 234) has been called up as the alternate representing Institutional Health Care members as we continue bargaining.