LockTalk #14: Employer requests additional mediation dates

Since our last update, the Employer approached your Correctional Bargaining Team requesting additional dates for mediation with mediator William Kaplan. The Employer requested to add a mediation date on July 10th and to use the scheduled arbitration date of July 25th as a further mediation date, pushing off arbitration further down the road.

The Correctional Bargaining Team has agreed to an additional mediation date on July 10th, however, the team remains firm that July 25th must remain our date for final and binding arbitration with William Kaplan.

Over the coming weeks, the Correctional Bargaining Team will continue preparations for arbitration with our arbitration lawyers, Nini Jones and Lauren Pearce.

In solidarity,

Janet Laverty, Bargaining Team Chair
Adam Cygler, Bargaining Team Vice-Chair