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LockTalk 13: Some common questions answered

Arranging MPP meetings

While we continue to bargain, our mobilizers have been busy organizing meetings with MPPs across the province – 23 meetings so far across all seven regions.

Click here to download LockTalk, Issue 13

We strongly encourage you to arrange a meeting with your own MPP. Don’t hesitate to contact us at cormobilizers@gmail.com for help and information.

Circulating petitions

Our mobilizers have also launched a petition to gather support for our bargaining efforts. It will be circulated to your local presidents/highest ranking and/or regional employee relations committees (RERCs) to collect members’ signatures. Further direction will be forthcoming.

Answering questions

As we advised you in LockTalk 9, we will be circulating LockTalk whenever there is a need for an update or information to distribute.

Since members continue to forward questions to the team, we believe this issue of LockTalk can bring clarity to some of the more common concerns.

Compensating time off (CTO)/salary progression freeze (Appendix COR 38)

Your local presidents/highest ranking and/or RERC chairs have been provided with information on the status of these issues. Please contact them if you have further questions.

Individual grievance templates have been provided to them, should you wish to file a grievance.

Please be advised that a policy grievance has been filed on behalf of the corrections division.

Ratification vote/interest arbitration

Numerous questions have been submitted regarding ratification/interest arbitration scenarios.

Without the right to strike, interest arbitration may become the last option. For clarity, arbitration is available to us if we are unable to negotiate a contract and reach an impasse.

The question has often been posed whether members will vote to ratify this contract. If the bargaining team reaches a tentative agreement, thereby indicating that we have resolved all of our issues and demands with the employer, a ratification vote will be held.

If the bargaining team sends some issues – or even a single issue – to interest arbitration, while agreeing to the others, the agreed-to items will form part of the arbitrator’s award, and no ratification vote will be held.

Email contact

There have been reports that emails sent to our email address have bounced back to the sender. We believe that this has been remedied.

Please remember that we do not respond to bargaining-related questions through our personal email accounts, social media or chat groups. Please send all concerns and questions to correctionsbargaining2017@opseu.org. We will respond just as quickly as possible.

In solidarity,
Your Correctional bargaining team