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LockTalk #13: Once Again Mediation Talks Breakdown

Your bargaining team had two days of mediation booked with mediator William Kaplan on April 13 and 14. We came with our arbitration lawyers, Nini Jones and Lauren Pearce, prepared to bargain monetary and non-monetary issues free from the restrictions imposed by the unconstitutional Bill 124, and guided by the demand set from the division.

Unfortunately, once again, talks broke down with the Employer by the end of the first day.

Arbitration is now set for July 25th with Arbitrator Kaplan. In the coming months we will be working with our arbitration lawyers to prepare our submissions for arbitration, after which Mr. Kaplan will issue a final and binding award.

Due to the confidentiality restrictions in the mediation/arbitration process, and on the advice of our arbitration lawyers, we are limited on the information that can be shared at this time.

At the end of the process – once we have received an arbitrated award – our bargaining procedures include a meeting with the highest-ranking members of each local to provide a detailed review of the bargaining process, including key proposals exchanged by the parties. The information shared at this meeting will also be made available to all members of the Correctional Bargaining Unit through a LockTalk.

In solidarity,

Janet Laverty, Bargaining Team Chair
Adam Cygler, Bargaining Team Vice-Chair