Local 713 feeds 100 mouths

Thunder Bay – “It’s a great initiative in the downtown south core,” says OPSEU local 713 member Ian Monteith, speaking of European Bakery’s pay-it-forward pizza slice initiative.

Bakery owner Glen Girardin started the pay-it-forward pizza slice last year as a way to feed those who are in need of community support in the area. “We’ve had about 5000 pizza slices paid forward since the start and we get about 50 slices a day redeemed.”

"It’s people from all walks of life – from single mothers who spend all their money on their children, leaving nothing for themselves, to kids who need a lunch while they go to school at Ogden," says Girardin. "It’s very generous of OPSEU Local 713 to feed 100 hungry mouths."

“This is what the labour movement is all about – helping those in the working class,” says Monteith.“Especially in the current economic times when people working minimum wage have to choose between having a secure place to live and feeding their families. Our Local Executive Committee felt that donating money to a large charity organization would be less beneficial to the local community – this project gets food to the people who need it.”

Monteith said his local is looking for other small, unfunded, local initiatives to support and challenged other union locals in the community to make a difference. “It’s the least we can do as a small local and I would challenge other Labour locals to do the same.”

OPSEU Local 713 represents workers at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Thunder Bay.

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For more information: Ian Monteith esotuuni@gmail.com;  (807) 633-1478