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Local 324 social service workers urged to reject employer’s final offer

Negotiators for social services workers in Parry Sound and area have recommended that employees turn down management’s final contract offer when it goes to a vote on Feb. 23.

“There’s nothing in this offer that warrants our members’ support,” said Local 324 president Linda Smith, representing 140 full- and part-time OPSEU members who work for Ontario Works, Social Housing, Esprit Place Family Resource Centre, and licensed Child Care Resources in the district of Parry Sound.

“It’s a bad offer that deserves to be tossed overboard,” she added.

Conciliation talks with the Parry Sound Social Services Administrative Board broke off on Feb. 12 and management filed its final offer that the employees will consider on Feb. 23. Rejection of the offer amounts to a strike vote, said OPSEU negotiator Sean Wilson.

Members of Local 324 walked off the job for six weeks in 2004 following a failure to reach an agreement with the employer.

In this round of talks the Board has offered a very weak wage proposal that would keep employees locked-in at substandard levels for the length of the contract.

“Our members would prefer to negotiate a settlement but the employer has requested the conciliator set a legal lock-out or strike date,” said Smith.

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Linda Smith
President, Local 324
705-840-8138 (cell)