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Letter from RPN Occupational Division in support of Local 276 members

The OPSEU RPN Occupational Division sent the following letter of support to the members of Local 276, currently on strike in Owen Sound.  

July 13, 2018

Dear members of Local 276,

As members of the OPSEU family, we must continue to support each other. Health care workers in our union family have a long history of standing strong together, and we will continue to support our sisters and brothers working at the Owen Sound Family Health Organization. 

You’ve spent eight weeks now on the picket line. That’s eight weeks dealing with an unreasonable employer; that’s eight weeks too long. We know how stressful this must be – but stay strong, because you are doing the right thing.

You are on the right side of that picket line. We know that you want to find a resolution. That’s because you are passionate about your jobs, and about your patients – you are caring. We know that you’d rather get back to the negotiating table, and back to work as soon as possible. But just like you, we also know that you deserve fairness and respect.

This strike is a stark reminder of the pitfalls of privatization. What we thought were colleagues and allies in the fight for better health care, have turned out to be bad bosses, driven by the almighty dollar. We know that this behaviour is not reflective of all doctors; that’s why we’re calling on those who support public health care and have respect for frontline workers to stand with us. 

To each and every one of our sisters, brothers and comrades on the picket lines, we support you.  As nurses, we know how valuable your work is, not just at the Family Health Organization, but to the entire community of Owen Sound.

Thank you for taking this stand – you and your colleagues absolutely deserve better.  We will continue to stand with you in this fight.

In Solidarity,

The OPSEU RPN Occupational Division