OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

Letter from President Thomas to all LBED members

Fighting Privatization

To: All LBED members:

I want to update all LBED members on the "Our responsibility is to you" buttons and stickers that are available for all members to wear.

These buttons are a key element of our anti-privatization campaign. Please know that management has approved the wearing of the buttons/stickers in the workplace. In fact, we have confirmed that the employer recently reissued a message to their LCBO District Managers that members can wear the buttons at work.

We have produced and distributed the buttons, and a sample of the artwork is attached. If you have not yet received your buttons (or stickers), please contact your local president. If your president has run out of buttons, we can supply more.

Local presidents should contact Mary-Anne Di Adamo at mdiadamo@opseu.org to order their buttons and stickers. They are available at no charge to the local. The purchase has been picked up centrally by the Division's Privatization Fund.

The buttons are a tool to start the discussion with customers, friends and family about the sale of alcohol in Ontario. We believe the sale of alcohol is regulated for good reason, and that the LCBO retail stores are the best method to ensure alcohol is not sold to minors or people who are intoxicated.

Please help raise the awareness of the public. Please help us get our message out at this key moment in the campaign.  

In solidarity,

Smokey Thomas,
President, OPSEU 


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