Let’s take to the streets for Status for All!


No matter who we are or where we come from, we all want safety, security and stability. Unfortunately, for undocumented migrants in this country that is not the case.

Migrants who grow our food, care for the sick, and build homes are bearing the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis because they are not afforded the same rights and protections as people with permanent status; yet they are crucial to the functioning of our society. Migrants are workers too – but because of their precarious status, they are often exploited by their bosses because their employer knows they are unlikely to fight back for fear of deportation.

Achieving justice and equality for all requires permanent resident status for all. Their fight for regularization is our fight. It’s a fight for health, dignity, and equal rights for all.

Our friends at the Migrants’ Rights Network have organized a massive Day of Action in cities across the country on September 17th – the day before the federal Parliament returns in Ottawa. Find an action near you and rally in solidarity for Status for All!

When: Sunday, September 17, start time varies based on location

Where: Find an action near you!

Recently, many politicians have taken to blaming immigrants for the cost-of-living and housing crisis. This hate-filled rhetoric ignores the greedy corporate landlords and real estate developers who are actually to blame. We must show them and our politicians that we won’t fall for their tricks. That we stand with migrants, and together we’re raising the call for Status for All – no exclusions! Join the Migrants’ Rights Network on Sunday, September 17 at an action near you: https://migrantrights.ca/events/sep17/