OPSEU Provincial Francophone Committee

Let’s celebrate the Journée internationale de la francophonie

Provincial Francophone committee

Established in 1988, the “JIF” is celebrated every year on March 20th.  The focus of this event is about sharing and appreciating our common link, our language, as well as our diversity.  “La Francophonie” unites over 220 million people worldwide.  Through our differences, we share our values and cultures.  For us, sharing is living. 

Each year activities take place around the world, promoting our language and our culture.  This is no exception in Canada, where our roots are deep in its history.

All of this is not limited to just one day.  Many communities are organizing events during the entire month of March.  From gatherings to flag raising ceremonies, shows and film screenings, our culture is kept alive.

In Canada, there are more of us than you think!  French is the first language of 7.4 million Canadians, and nearly 10 million can speak the language, including Francophones who have immigrated from other countries.  Most of us live in the Maritimes, Québec and Ontario.  However, there are many other important French communities in Western and Northern Canada.

When talking about la Francophonie, we must remember our struggles and our victories.  Our history has had its ups and downs.  We have not only survived adversity but we have also thrived through the centuries.  Some of our RECENT major victories include the survival of the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa and the creation of the first Francophone University in Ontario. 

What makes our culture rich, however, isn’t limited to ourselves, but to share what makes us unique.  Francophones of all regions are proud to be part of our identity.  This year, we want you to come and join in our celebrations. 

Célébrons ensemble!  Together stronger!

In Solidarity,
OPSEU Provincial Francophone Committee (PFC)