LCBO workers are fighting back

LCBO plans for province-wide store closures instead of fair bargaining with frontline workers

This week, the LCBO released their strike preparedness plan, with details that further reinforce our view that they are not actually planning to negotiate a deal.

They’ve announced that if workers strike, all stores across the province will be closed for two weeks.

Despite the employer’s consistent unwillingness to bargain meaningfully, this plan is a dramatic, and heavy-handed move at a time when both sides should be working hard to reach an agreement.

It is unclear if the LCBO is willing to re-open stores within those two weeks if a deal is reached or if the LCBO even plans to negotiate at that time.

We have bargaining dates throughout next week and remain committed to bargaining in good faith – and adding more dates as needed.

We do not want a dry summer for Ontarians. We do not want Ford and the LCBO to force our stores to close.

But we will not stand by and watch the Ford government threaten the very future of the LCBO. They want to fast-track the expansion of privatized alcohol sales for the benefit of a select few, including wealthy CEOs and big box grocery and convenience chains like Loblaws and Circle K.

The LCBO currently generates roughly $2.5 billion in public revenues (over and above tax income from alcohol sales) that are invested directly in our public services.

We have put forward a better vision, where the LCBO grows with Ontario to meet demand and improve convenience – by opening more stores, including LCBO Express locations, increasing the hours of operation, and expanding warehousing and e-commerce.

We see a future with good jobs at the LCBO and in our communities and where a growing LCBO expands the public revenues that help pay for our health care and education.

When you buy a beer, that should help build a hospital – not pay for a billionaire’s new yacht.

This is a future worth fighting for, for all Ontarians. That’s why we are standing together. And we will win together.