LCBO Bargaining Update: We’re ready, they’re not!

Bargaining Update #2: April 19, 2024

We were back at the table with the employer on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Despite having two weeks to review our opening proposals and prepare, it was clear that the employer did not come to the table this week ready to bargain.

We’re coming to the table with big ideas to improve not only our working conditions but also protect the future of the LCBO. They’re coming with concessions.

The employer may want to think small, but we refuse to do that. We’re fighting for our futures.

 At the table this week we were able to move on a few smaller housekeeping matters in our non-monetary demands (including letters of agreement on mileage rates, French language services, and mental health).

However, the employer refused to entertain a conversation on any of the main priorities we’ve set out in this round of bargaining including privatization, health & safety, hours of work, and equity.

We’re back at the table May 7 – 10 and we’ll push the employer to pick up the pace

It is clear that LCBO workers are setting the tone of the negotiations, and we will also need to set the pace.

Between now and the next time we’re at the table we need to send a strong message to the employer that LCBO workers are united behind their own demands.

We won’t be wristbanned, we’re fighting back!  

On May 1st we will all wear our red wristbands and show LCBO management that our members – in every store, warehouse and at head office – are in this to win.

LCBO workers won't be wristbanned

Make sure you get your wristband and get ready to show some solidarity and LBED pride!

Store leaders across the province will be reaching out over the course of the next week to ask: are you in?

We are working on more updates for you in the coming weeks about the bargaining timeline and our strategy at the table.

Updated wage grid and proposals

You can find the wage grid for full-time and casual CSR positions here and the wage grid for casual and fixed term positions here. Click here to read the Bill 124 update from the team. The Bargaining Team and Employer’s opening proposals can both be found in the first Bargaining bulletin (dated March 15), here.

Questions about the bargaining process can also be sent to

Our strength at the table comes from the solidarity we are building across our membership.

In solidarity,

Your LBED Bargaining Team:

Colleen MacLeod – Chair

Jeremy Trainor – Vice-Chair

Rachel Brunet

Damian Campbell

Craig Hadley