LCBO Bargaining Update: The LCBO may not be willing to fight privatization, but we are!

LCBO Bargaining Update: The LCBO may not be willing to fight privatization, but we are!

LCBO workers are fighting back! Bargaining Update
LCBO workers are fighting back! Bargaining Update

As you know, we were back at the bargaining table with the employer this week. We came prepared not only to negotiate but to demand answers about the LCBO’s preparations for the marketplace expansion.

Frustratingly, it seems like the employer wants to talk about everything but our proposals or the elephant in the room – the fact that privatization is happening in front of our eyes and the LCBO is going along with it.

We were able to find agreement on moving language about benefits from a letter of agreement into the collective agreement, meaning Out of Country and Survivor Benefits would permanently become part of our agreement and would’t need to be renewed each time we’re at the bargaining table.

The subcommittee on grievances had a discussion about how to expedite the grievance process so members can get a resolution faster.

Your Bargaining Team tabled language on a taskforce on violence. In case you missed it, the LCBO has been in the news a lot lately with questions about theft and security.

Other than the above, there was very little movement at the table, with tentative agreement only reached on a few minor housekeeping matters including maintenance duties and lunch breaks in the depot.

(Note: terms and language that are tentatively agreed to during negotiations are subject to overall agreement of a memorandum of settlement.)

We are back at the table next Thursday and Friday.

It’s time to pick up the pace: the LCBO may not be prepared to move forward, but we are!

Reminder: all members’ meeting on Tuesday, May 14

On Tuesday (May 14th at 10 am and 7:30 pm Eastern) we’re hosting a webinar for all LCBO members to provide you with updates on what we know about the expansion of alcohol sales and some more information about what’s happening at the bargaining table.

To register for the morning session, click here.

To register for the afternoon session, click here.

Public campaign launch

Our social media ad campaign is launching on Tuesday! Come to the meeting for a screening of the ad that we will be running.

We will launch our digital action to stop the expansion of private alcohol sales and our cheeky ad will be all over social media.

Strike vote preparations – get ready to vote yes!

It’s time to start preparing for a strike vote. To give us the most possible leverage at the table, we’re planning for the highest participation strike vote in LCBO history.

We want the LCBO to know that every single worker is prepared to fight back – for our jobs, for our futures, and the public services LCBO revenues fund.

We’ll begin the conversation about the strike vote at next Tuesday’s meeting. You can also talk to your mobilizers and store leaders if you have questions.

This is the fight of our lives, and we are all in it together. We’ve said it before – this is what we’ve been preparing for!

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team  

Colleen MacLeod – Chair
Jeremy Trainor – Vice-Chair
Rachel Brunet
Damian Campbell
Craig Hadley