LCBO Bargaining update: strike vote next week!

The LCBO doesn’t want to bargain.

That’s why we need every single LCBO worker to participate in next week’s strike vote to show them we’re not backing down.

All members’ meeting on Tuesday June 11.

Bargaining Update #5: June 7, 2024

We were back at the bargaining table with the employer again this week.

In response to Ford’s recent $1 billion dollar + fast-tracking of the expansion of private alcohol sales, we presented the employer with updated demands to protect our work, our jobs and prevent store closures. To read the demands, click here.

These demands get to the heart of what we’re fighting for – our futures – and the employer refused to consider them in any meaningful way.

On Friday we were joined by two conciliation officers in attempts to get things moving and find some common ground. Instead of coming to the table with a spirit of making progress, the employer made their position clear: they want us to start taking concessions and key demands off the table before they’re even willing to negotiate.

To that we said a very clear: no.

To say we are frustrated and angry is an understatement. But we are channeling that energy towards next week’s strike vote. It is more important than ever that we show the employer we’re united and fighting to win.

It’s all hands on deck to get a super majority participating in our strike vote next week and voting YES. We’ll be making calls and visiting stores every single day up to and during the strike vote. Below you’ll find more information about the upcoming strike vote and how you can help out.

Let’s make history together!

Our strike vote is next week: June 12-15

The vote will take place online and by phone. For more information, including frequently asked questions, click here.

We’re fighting to protect our jobs and the billions of dollars in revenues that are invested directly into public services like health care and education.

Join us next Tuesday – June 11th – for an all members’ meeting about bargaining and the strike vote

We will be hosting an all members’ webinar where we’ll talk about our bargaining priorities and how we’re fighting for better jobs at the LCBO. We’ll also answer your questions about the upcoming strike vote.

To register for the morning meeting (10:00 – 11:15 am Eastern) click here.

To register for the evening meeting (7:30 – 8:45 pm Eastern) click here.

Why should you vote YES?

A strong YES vote will send us back to the bargaining table later this month with the full strength of the membership – more than 9,000 LCBO workers – behind us. This will give us the power to make progress on issues like wages, permanent and full-time jobs, and stopping privatization to save the LCBO.

Here’s a message just for you from OPSEU/SEFPO President JP Hornick:

If you have any questions, contact us at

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team

Colleen MacLeod – Chair
Jeremy Trainor – Vice-Chair
Rachel Brunet
Damian Campbell
Craig Hadley