LCBO Bargaining Update: Monetary proposals & upcoming strike vote

LCBO Bargaining Update: Monetary proposals & upcoming strike vote

LCBO workers are fighting back! Bargaining Update
LCBO workers are fighting back! Bargaining Update

As you know we were back at the table with the employer for two days this week.

Initially, there was little movement at the table, though we were able to find agreement on language on two issues (permanent employee transfers and leave of absence for union business).

The grievance subcommittee met to discuss changes to expedite grievance procedures. While we provided significant rationale as to why the process needs to be improved, the employer made it clear that they have no interest in making meaningful changes to the process at this time and shut down further discussion.

In order to engage the employer in meaningful bargaining and get things moving, we decided to table our monetary proposals this week. We are fighting to make jobs at the LCBO better: a primary goal is to expand access to permanent jobs and create more full-time jobs.

As a result, our monetary proposals include: increasing the number of permanent full-time jobs, dramatically expanding the number of permanent part-time positions (providing these members with sick time, vacation, benefits, and a minimum guarantee of hours), improvements to severance, and wage improvements in every year of the agreement.

To view our monetary proposals, click here.

The employer has provided us with their monetary proposal, which you can view here.

Join us next Thursday, May 23rd for an all-members’ webinar to discuss our monetary proposals & next steps

We will be hosting an all-members’ webinar where we will discuss the proposals and how we’re fighting for better jobs at the LCBO. We’ll also answer your questions and talk about the upcoming strike vote.

To register for the morning meeting (10:00 – 11:15 am Eastern) click here.

To register for the evening meeting (7:30-8:45 pm Eastern) click here.

Every time we meet the employer at the table and ask them questions, they simply say “we’ll get back to you.” It’s time for LCBO members to get back to them, with a historic strike vote.

In the coming weeks mobilizers and store leaders will be out talking to all of you about the upcoming strike vote.

See you next week!

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team