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LBED members: meet your 2013 bargaining team!


LBED members: meet your bargaining team

LBED elected its bargaining team a pre-bargaining conference in Toronto on June 2, 2012.

The seven-member team, representing more than 6,500 workers, will negotiate a new collective agreement with the LCBO when the current contract expires on Mar. 31, 2013.

Members of the bargaining team include

  • Denise Davis (local 378, and LBED chair): bargaining team chair  / logistics member (automatic appointee)
  • Tracy Vyfschaft (local 377, and LBED vice chair): bargaining team vice-chair (automatic appointee)
  • Julian Benson (local 5108): retail casual member
  • Nick Foti (local 5109): member at large
  • Colleen MacLeod (local 5107): member at large
  • Jeremy Trainor (local 378): member at large
  • Jennifer Van Zetten (local 162): member at large

In the event that one or more members is unable to continue on the bargaining team, the pre-bargaining conference also elected team alternates. Alternates include the following individuals:

  • Deborah McGuiness (local 5110): retail casual member, 1st alternate
  • Marilyn Provencher (local 377): retail casual member, 2nd alternate
  • Mark Larocque (local 499): logistics, 1st alternate
  • Sante Filippi (local 5109): logistics, 2nd alternate
  • Robin Reath (local 163): member at large, 1st alternate
  • Kevin Herbert (local 683): member at large, 2nd alternate
  • Richard Woodall (local 375): member at large, 3rd alternate
  • Susan Lusty (local 376): member at large, 4th alternate

Bargaining team members will be assisted by negotiator Mirla Alvarado. Additional support will be provided by staff from OPSEU’s research unit, communications unit, and campaigns unit.

Your 2012 bargaining team. Back row: Jennifer Van Zetten, local 162; Nick Foti, local 5109; Julian Benson, local 5108; Colleen MacLeod, local 5107. Front row: Jeremy Trainor, local 378; Denise Davis, local 378 and LBED chair, Tracy Vyfschaft, local 377 and LBED vice chair.

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