LBED Bargaining Bulletin: In-store rally and bargaining team election results

Members flex their collective power in bold in-store rally – April 29, 2023








The dreary overcast day was no match for the enthusiasm of over 100 delegates, Alternates and Observers at the Liquor Board Employee Division (LBED) Pre-Bargaining Conference.

After the OPSEU/SEFPO Land Acknowledgement and Statement of Respect, LBED Chair Colleen MacLeod opened the event by thanking everyone in attendance and stressing the importance of the day: “Electing our bargaining team and mobilizers is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your union career.  Your members put their faith in you as delegates to elect the team at the bargaining tables and the eyes and ears on the ground in mobilizers.”

MacLeod continued by saying in each of the four rounds she’s been at the table they were all different experiences, but if there’s a commonality, it’s that we can win when we all get involved in the bargaining process. “When your team goes to the bargaining table it’s important the employer sees 9000+ workers and more so, 9000+ workers willing to do what it takes to get a fair deal,” said MacLeod.

Laurie Nancekivell, OPSEU/SEFPO First Vice-President/Treasurer, spoke about the challenges with a majority Conservative government, but through organizing and fighting the Ford anti-worker agenda OPSEU/SEFPO and the labour movement has been making gains.

In a surprise move, LBED Chair MacLeod asked the delegates if they’d like an opportunity to exercise their power as activists. With a resounding “Yes!” the room cleared out and packed two school buses, multiple mini-vans and cabs all heading to the LCBO’s flagship store on Queen’s Quay.

We were joined in solidarity by College Support Part-Time OPSEU/SEFPO members who were holding their own CAAT-S PT pre-bargaining conference in the hotel.

Once inside the store the staff and customers cheered on the 100+ activists as management scrambled to alert senior management to the peaceful disruption.

“Unfairness in aisle 4, unfairness in aisle 5!” bellowed from the megaphone as bargaining team member and Chair of Education and Communication, Craig Hadley, worked up the crowd before he introduced the keynote speakers: MacLeod, Nancekivell, Bryan Thevanyagam, local leader of the Justice for Workers campaign, and James Clark, OFL Director of Campaigns and Political Action.

Each speaker highlighted how the workers of the LCBO generate billions of dollars of revenue to the province, and despite playing a crucial role in funding public services, Ford continues to push his privatization agenda. All the speakers urged the LCBO to return to the bargaining table to address fair compensation for the Bill 124 wage re-opener.

Check out video from the in store rally here.

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OPSEU/SEFPO sent a press release about the action to the media and posted the release to the OPSEU/SEFPO website here.

The rally received media coverage from Global News: “LCBO workers protest against low wage offer in Bill 124 settlement” 

After the rally, presentations on our mobilization strategy and bargaining cycle were presented by OPSEU/SEFPO staff. Both presentations spoke to the importance of this round and how mobilizing is critical to the sector’s success.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to the election of the bargaining team and regional mobilizers. The results are below.

–       Craig Hadley, Chair, -Education and Communication Committee.

 LBED election results

Bargaining Team:

Colleen Macleod, L5107 – Chair

Craig Hadley, L5109

Damian Campbell, L378

Jeremy Trainor, L378 – Logistics


Bargaining Team Alternates:

Rachel Brunet, L4100 – 1st

Simone Warner, L162 – 2nd

Mike Hamilton, L286 – 3rd

Lee Hamilton, L378 – Logistics



Billie Bridgewater, L162            Region 1

Shawn Swayze, L287                 Region 2

Stephanie Hickman, L377         Region 3

Lorrie Scuffell, L4100                 Region 4

Debbie McGuinness, L5110       Region 5

Jamie Kensley, L681                  Region 6

Travis Arnold, L741                   Region 7


Mobilizer – Alternates:

Shelly Robitaille, L162                1st    Region 1

Tricia Harrison, L164                  2nd   Region 1

Warren Grafton, L165                3rd    Region 1

Gregory Scott, L287                   1st     Region 2

Kristan Wolfe, L377                    1st    Region 3

Michael Hamilton, L376             2nd   Region 3

Cameron Pardy, L497                1st    Region 4

Laura Latimer, L497                   2nd   Region 4

Dianne Clarabut, L497               3rd   Region 4

Ruth Norman, L5107                  1st    Region 5

Nadia Montisano, L5111           2nd   Region 5

Taidgh McGuinness, L5110        3rd   Region 5

Judy Jones, L682                     1st    Region 6

Anita Del Re, L681                    2nd   Region 6

Lianne Burke, L681                    3rd    Region 6