Labour Day 2023: Let’s celebrate our wins and get energized for the fights ahead

OPSEU SEFPO members march in the 2022 Toronto Labour Day parade

Each year, Labour Day is an opportunity to celebrate our victories and the collective power of workers. It is a day to be proud of our movement and our union.

And this year our work is more important than ever.

We are all feeling the crunch of the cost-of-living crisis. From groceries to gas, and from rent to back-to-school supplies – everything is more expensive. For many, pay cheques just aren’t going far enough.

But workers are also feeling our collective power. We are organizing, we are fighting back, and we are winning.

From the bargaining table to the streets, Ontario workers are rising up and saying enough is enough.

Last fall, we were on the brink of a general strike in this province. With the leadership of well-organized education workers, we took on the Ford government and defeated anti-union legislation. We saw what was possible when workers across Ontario come together.

This summer we have joined workers at Metro and TVO picket lines in their historic strikes. In our own union, we’ve achieved victories in our ongoing struggle to reverse wage restraints imposed by the Ford government’s unconstitutional Bill 124.

At OPSEU/SEFPO we are building an organizing union powerful enough to take on Ford’s privatization and anti-worker agenda. But it will take each and every one of our 180,000 members, the rest of the labour movement and our communities fighting alongside one another to take back this province.

So, this Labour Day, let’s take a moment to celebrate each other and the power we have when we work together. And let’s get fired up for the work ahead.

To all of you already doing the important work mobilizing in your workplaces, your locals and your communities – we recognize and appreciate the role you are playing in building our movement.

Labour Day events are happening across the province. We encourage you to attend one near you!

To find a Labour Day event in your community, check out the CLC’s listing here.

Attending an event? We want to see you in action!

Please send photos to and include your name and OPSEU/SEFPO local number (or region if you’re a retiree), the location of the event as well as a brief description.

Your photos may be used in upcoming OPSEU/SEFPO communications and publications such as InSolidarity – a newsletter produced by and for OPSEU/SEFPO members.

With thanks and solidarity,

JP Hornick & Laurie Nancekivell