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Know your rights during the Ontario election

Queen's Park

Some employers are issuing false information to workers about engaging in political activity during the Ontario election process.

OPSEU has twice confronted employers, Northumberland County and Durham College, who have either backed down or have publicly promised they’ll change their policy.

OPSEU members have a democratic right to engage in political activity on their own time. If your employer interferes with your democratic right to be involved in political activity during the upcoming election be sure you know what your rights are. 

If you have any questions contact your staff rep or Elections Ontario.

The Elections Ontario social media guidelines are available at https://www.elections.on.ca/en/media-centre/social-media-rules-during-an-election.html

Elections Ontario rules limit how much you can donate. If you want more information about election donation limits, visit https://www.elections.on.ca/en/political-financing0/eligible-contributions.html 

If you work for a public body, you are subject to more strict rules, but that only applies to the workplace. It does not apply to what you do in your personal time.  If you are wondering whether you work for a “public body” the full list is available at https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/100146 . If you are not on the list, you can be politically active in your workplace.

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