International Women’s Day – Gender Equality

International Women’s Day – Gender Equality

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The Economist’s Glass-Ceiling Index, which ranks conditions for working women across 29 countries, ranked Canada 12th while the United States ranked 18th, and Great Britain (20th).

Indigenous women and organizations raised awareness into the high and disproportionate rates of violence and the appalling numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

Prior to the launch of the national public inquiry on December 8,2015, these calls were continually ignored by the federal government.

Irene Uchida was born Ayako Uchida to first-generation Japanese immigrants Sentaro and Shizuko Uchida. TIrene Ayako Uchida, OC, geneticist (born 8 April 1917 in Vancouver, BC; died 30 July 2013 in Toronto, ON). Dr. Uchida pioneered the field of cytogenetics in Canada, enabling early screening for chromosomal abnormalities (i.e., changes in chromosomes caused by genetic mutations).


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