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International Day for Persons With Disabilities

International day of people with disability

On December 3rd OPSEU along with many other Canadians will be celebrating the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.  Relax, we’re not asking you to spend money on gift cards or presents.  The Disability Rights Caucus (DRC) is asking for Action.

On this date the DRC asks OPSEU staff to continue its current work, to make its building, communication and procedures more accessible for Persons with Disabilities.

On this date the DRC asks OPSEU’s Board to recommit themselves to review every motion with an equity lens, thus ensuring equity is a thread that runs through everything OPSEU does.

On this date the DRC asks OPSEU to recommit themselves to provide Regional Education Courses which support fairness for Persons with Disabilities both inside and outside the workplaces.

On this date the DRC asks OPSEU members to recommit themselves to stand up for fair treatment of Persons with Disabilities, both with in the workplace or within the greater Community in which we all must participate.

On this date the DRC asks our employers to stand up to the Commitment made by both our provincial and Federal Governments to make every workplace an accessible workplace

On this date the DRC asks all Municipal Governments ensure that they eliminate any legislation that represent a barrier to Persons with Disabilities and that they work on making their Communities accessible and inclusive.

On this date the DRC asks that the Ontario Government restore the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board to its proper name and that they be instructed to live up to the principles of Conservative Judge John Meredith.

On this date the DRC asks that the Ontario Government take action to ensure that all companies in Ontario live up to the minimal commitments made in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

On this date the DRC asks all citizens of our Province to look inside themselves and ask if they can be more supportive in providing a Community accepting, inclusive and respectful of Persons with Disabilities.