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I’m Voting! Why OPSEU members have a lot at stake in the next provincial election

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The stakes are high

OPSEU members have a lot at stake in the next provincial election.

What happens on Election Day could dramatically change the service you provide to the public. It will affect your ability to bargain decent pay and benefits. And it might even cost you your job.

Ontario already spends less per person on public services than any other province, yet some politicians want to drive us down lower. They want to make even deeper cuts than we’ve seen so far. They want to suck more money out of public services and pour it into private profits. They want to slash taxes so public programs never have enough funding. And they want to attack unions as a way to cut wages and help big corporations.

Make your voice heard

If you care about strong public services, good jobs, and decent wages, now is the time to make your voice heard. And there is no better way to do it than to vote.

In the last Ontario election, less than half of eligible voters bothered to cast ballots. They let other people decide their future for them.

We can’t do that. There’s too much at stake.

This time around, your union is asking all members to help build our common future. If 130,000 OPSEU members vote, we can make a difference.

We’ve got something to vote for

OPSEU members help make life better for all Ontarians. We work for a fair Ontario, where everyone has the support they need and a fair chance at a good life. Here’s how you can stand up for Ontario – and protect your own future – in the days ahead:

  • Get informed about the issues and the parties;
  • Identify the party and candidate in your riding who will work hardest to support public services and working people; and
  • Get out and VOTE – and make sure your co-workers do, too.

Find out more

OPSEU members across Ontario are already making their voices heard about issues that matter to Ontario. For more information on issues, party comparisons, candidates, and more, please visit http://opseu.org/vote2014.

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Click this link to download a PDF copy of the leaflet

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