HPD Central Bargaining Team elected at Pre-Bargaining Conference

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Delegates from HPD bargaining units across Ontario gathered May 7 and 8 for the Sector 10 Hospital Professionals Pre-Bargaining Conference, where they elected their new HPD central bargaining team!

Participants were welcomed with opening remarks from President JP Hornick and First Vice-President/Treasurer Laurie Nancekivell. HPD Chair Sara Labelle and HPD Vice-Chair Sandi Blancher both chaired the conference, which featured discussions on HPD’s bargaining legacy, the current political economy and bargaining landscape, and other important topics along with bargaining team elections.

Welcome to the newly elected members of the central bargaining team!

  • Betty Palmieri, Chair
  • Brenda Allan, Vice-Chair
  • Adrian-Alexandru Balojin
  • Tanya Boniakowski
  • Katie Lambert
  • Megan North
  • Beverly Weaver

HPD represents approximately 30,000 hospital professionals in more than 100 bargaining units across the province – more than half of which are currently participating in the central bargaining process with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). The HPD Central contract will expire on March 31, 2025.