Hospital Professionals Division Wage Reopener Update: Supplementary hearing with arbitrator


This communication is to inform you that on January 29th, 2024 your central bargaining team had a supplementary hearing before arbitrator William Kaplan to address concerns that have arisen from his central reopener award (issued August 3rd, 2023) with respect to the payment of the pandemic pay lump sum to temporary employees and permanent employees in temporary vacancies as of August 13, 2020.

The primary issue in dispute is that at many hospitals, permanent part-time and casual employees in temporary full-time positions as of August 13, 2020 were paid the part-time lump sum instead of the full-time entitlement. Your bargaining team argued that these members should have received the full-time entitlement as they were actively working in full-time positions at that time.

We anticipate that arbitrator Kaplan will issue a decision quickly. We will provide a further update once we receive Kaplan’s award.

In solidarity,

Your HPD bargaining team:

Sandi Blancher, Bargaining Chair
L106 – London Health Sciences Centre

Betty Palmieri, Bargaining Vice-Chair
L206 – St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton

Brenda Allan
L215 – Niagara Health System

Beverly Weaver
L4106 – Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Kelly Richmond
L480 – Quinte Healthcare Corporation

Adrian Balojin
L206 – St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton

Steve McCaw
L106 – London Health Sciences Centre