Hospital Professionals

Hospital Professionals At The Table, Issue 4, June 17, 2014


Bargaining news for members of OPSEU’s Hospital Professional Division: Issue 4

Arbitration dates set

Your bargaining team has continued to work into June to determine which of the numerous issues, sent to the table from our Provincial Demand Set meeting, will be forwarded to arbitration. We continue to advise staff with respect to the preparation of our arbitration brief.

We now have arbitration dates of June 25-26, 2014 with Arbitrator Robert Herman.

We will keep you apprised as information becomes available.

Your HPD 2014 Bargaining Team Members

Sandi Blancher, Chair, Local 106
Betty Palmieri, Vice-Chair, Local 206
Sara Labelle, Local 348
Yves Shank, Local 659
John Francis, Local 346
Brendan Kilcline, Local 444
Vince Gobind, Local 311
Rob Field, Senior Negotiator
Michèle Dawson Haber, Senior Research Officer

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Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President