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Hospital Professionals At The Table, Issue 2, January 29, 2014


Bargaining news for members of OPSEU's Hospital Professional Division: Issue 2

Four days in…bargaining continues

Your HPD Bargaining Team had its first meeting with the employer on January 21. At that time, we presented the list of demands that you set for the 2014 bargaining round.

Those demands include improved job security protections, a wage increase, improvements to benefits, and increases to leaves, specifically vacation, bereavement, pregnancy and parental, emergency and family leaves. We have also tabled improvements to health and safety and professional development. Local issues continue to be vetted by a sub-committee of the OPSEU and Hospitals teams to ensure they are properly local in nature

After four days at the table with the Ontario Hospital Association, we are disappointed with the minimal progress achieved so far.

Our main concern is the well-being of our front-line hospital members. We believe the proposals we have put forward are modest, well-deserved and in keeping with the integral value we provide to our hospitals, considering the increased pressures that are being put on the province’s health care system.

Despite the lack of progress at the table so far, your bargaining team is continuing to advance our members’ agenda. We return to the bargaining table on February 11. We will continue to keep you updated on how negotiations are progressing.

We are counting on your support!

Your HPD 2014 Bargaining Team Members

Sandi Blancher, Chair, Local 106
Betty Palmieri, Vice-Chair, Local 206
Sara Labelle, Local 348
Yves Shank, Local 659
John Francis, Local 346
Brendan Kilcline, Local 444
Vince Gobind, Local 311
Rob Field, Senior Negotiator
Michèle Dawson Haber, Senior Research Officer

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Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President