Help fix the corrections crisis: Email your MPP!

For decades, the Ontario government has neglected our correctional facilities. As a result, there is a constant threat to the safety of inmates and staff.

Further, our probation officers have such high workloads that they are unable to safely and effectively monitor offenders released into our communities.

These are just two issues that have created a crisis in corrections. The crisis poses a clear danger to staff safety, inmate safety, and public safety – and it must be addressed without further delay.

Your Correctional bargaining team is asking you to join them in bringing the crisis to the attention of our elected representatives. Go to the Crisis in Corrections website and enter your postal code to send a strong message to your MPP. Please feel free to add to, edit, or replace the message.

Your email will go to your MPP, with copies to Premier Kathleen Wynne, Correctional Services Minister Marie-France Lalonde, Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, and the Crisis in Corrections team.

Together, we will fix the crisis in corrections! Let’s do it right now.