Health care members rally for pandemic pay

OPSEU members in Windsor and Kitchener rallied on June 5 to demand that pandemic pay be extended to all front-line health care workers.

“Understand, this is the front-line crew and we’re coming here everyday and these are the people that need the recognition,” OPSEU Local 101 President Susan Bohnert Hamelin told Windsor’s AM800. “We’re missing pharmacists, we’re missing techs, we’re missing lab, we’re missing, DI [diagnostic imaging], we’re missing a whole bunch of people, physio people, everyone here that’s at the front-line working.”

The rallies in Windsor were also covered by CTV News and CBC News.

Media also covered the rally by OPSEU members at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener.

“The people who have been excluded are all at the same risk as the people who have been included,” OPSEU Local 236 member Tania Bowers told CTV News.