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Grit Golfers Teed Off: OPSEU disrupts Liberal golf tournament fundraiser

(Stouffville) Hundreds of public sector workers from across the province greeted golfers this morning at the Ontario Liberal Party’s annual Golf Tournament at the Emeralds Hills Golf Club in Whitchurch-Stouffville.  Many golfers were still in their cars at the 9:00 am shotgun tee-off time as protesters handed out flyers cataloguing the folly of the Ontario government’s privatization campaign.

Cost of admission to the event was $3,400 per foursome. The cost of privatization to Ontario citizens is billions of dollars.

“The Liberals always seem to find the time to hold fundraising events and rub elbows with their wealthy friends.  These are the same friends that harvest outrageous profits from the government’s privatization schemes; profits that come at the expense of  Ontario’s public services,” said OPSEU President  Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “This government has no mandate for the hollowing out of government assets and privatization of government services.”

“At a number approaching $3 billion, this government has spent a fortune on the Pan Am Games, but when it comes to public services and their own employees, they say there’s no money,” Thomas said. “Sport is about fairness, and quality public services are the fairest game in town.”

Thomas had a clear message for the Premier and her well-heeled foursomes.  “Wherever these fundraisers occur you can expect OPSEU to join the tour.”


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