Get out and vote!

Vote Better

The last day to vote in the provincial election is Thursday, June 7. But that’s not the only day!

As citizens, we have the right, privilege and moral obligation to vote. And the government has the obligation to make voting as accessible as possible. That’s why, in every Ontario riding, several days are designated as advance poll days.

On those days, you can go to an advance poll in your riding and cast your vote. You don’t need a reason to vote early – and you don’t need to give up voting to avoid election-day lineups.

Don’t know where or when to vote? All the information you need is right here. All you need is your postal code, and you can find out who your candidates are and their party affiliation, where you can vote on election day, and where and when you can vote before election day.

Not sure if you’re on the voters’ list? No problem! Go to the poll of your choice in your home riding and bring a piece of ID showing both your name and residential address. Here are the forms of ID that qualify.

The choices in this election have never been starker. Refuse to surrender to apathy or despair. Make your voice heard – and vote!