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Ford campaign has ‘veered off the road’: OPSEU President Thomas

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas

Toronto – OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said he was appalled at word that Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford will not have a media bus following him on the campaign trail leading up to the June provincial election.

Thomas said this is more than a campaign pothole and is another example of how Ford has already “veered off the road before he’s even really started.”

“Ford has already come out with some outrageous claims that he can’t back up,” according to Thomas. “He’s pulling numbers out of nowhere, making dangerous promises, and showing his true self; a ticking political time bomb.”

After backtracking on his view of privatized cannabis sales, Ford raised new concerns this week in the Niagara region, when he made comments that his party has no firm plan to honour commitments made for the delivery of GO Train services to Niagara by 2021 – a well-supported plan that is already underway.

“It looks like Ford has missed the bus, and the GO Train for that matter,” said Thomas in response.

“We’ve already witnessed some big blunders out of the Ford camp,” said Thomas. “Scrapping the media bus is one surefire way to limit questions, and prevent even more publicly humiliating blunders.  So while I’m not completely surprised, I am disgusted by the tactic, as I’m sure most Ontarians are.

“This election has got to be about pushing for a better Ontario; we’ve got to elect a government that will protect and improve our vital public services,” Thomas said. “We can’t afford to go into reverse, as Ford would have us do. So if I have to drive a bus myself, we’ll make sure there’s no hiding for Doug Ford in this election campaign.”

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