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For Essential Services: The right number is Zero

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Corrections Team Update

On Thursday May 14, the Corrections Bargaining team, along with the Central/Unified team members who represent Unified members in Corrections/Youth Justice, met with the Employer and proposed a position of “All Out” regarding Essential and Emergency Services.

This position would affect all Corrections Bargaining Unit members and Unified members working in all Correctional worksites (Institutional/Community).

The Union made it clear that in the current round of bargaining, the framework for Essential/Emergency Services has changed.

The Employer has spent millions on infrastructure in preparation for a labour dispute.

In addition, current OPS managers and management retirees have been recruited and trained to offset Bargaining Unit members who would provide Essential/Emergency Services.

It is our position there would be enough management personnel to provide essential/emergency services for the Ministries. Therefore “zero” bargaining unit members is the right number required for Essential Services to allow for a meaningful strike.

To be clear this position only applies to Corrections Bargaining Unit members and Unified members working in all Correctional/Youth Justice worksites (Institutional/Community).

The Corrections team is awaiting a response from the employer. Updates will be provided as they become available.