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Executive Board Member gets unwelcome visit by OPP


It began as a quiet Friday morning for Executive Board member Len Elliott, until he opened the door of his home to see two members of the Ontario Provincial Police.

“They absolutely came to try and intimidate me,” he said.

The plainclothes officers are part of the fleet responsible for Premier Kathleen Wynne. Elliott said they wanted him and other union members to let them know when they were going to be involved with any activities that involved the Premier and MPPs.

Elliott has been following various Ministers and the Premier for the past several months. The goal is to remind them about the outstanding issues with respect to the union, OPS bargaining and the privatization agenda.

“They wanted to start a dialogue so that we could contact them ahead of time,” he said.

Start a dialogue? Those would be long awaited words for the OPS team and the 35,000 members waiting for a conclusion to their contract negotiations. But in this particular instance? To let officers know when union members will be attending MPP or Premier related events? How dare a leader think that it is okay to send police officers to harass citizens. What about freedom of speech? Freedom to assemble?

Elliott’s answer to the officers was simple.

“My answer was no.”

Elliott said the officers were responding to an event on Canada Day that involved union members heckling Wynne. Elliott said they talked about members being in the Premier’s personal space.

“We are not a physical threat. We may be loud and obnoxious, but we have never swore.”

Elliott said even the officers admitted that they have never heard swearing.

“Our main message would not get across if we did,” said Elliott. “We are upset union members who want the Premier to get back to bargaining.”

The officers visited Elliott July 3rd. His message that he would not back down was evident on Tuesday July 7th when members met Wynne at the Harbour Westin in Toronto. Elliott captured the event on video.

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That afternoon, members attended a press conference held by the Minister of Health and Long Term Care Dr. Eric Hoskins. A report on CTV captured the event. Elliott provided a “behind the lens” look at that encounter on his Twitter page and said it is being well received by members.

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“We will continue to legally and lawfully stand up for our rights. We are not going away.”

 Watch the CTV report

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