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Election results: 2016-18 MERCs

On Saturday, October 29, OPSEU delegates to the 2016 Ontario Public Service divisional meetings elected the members of their Ministry Employee-Employer Relations Committees (MERCs) for the 2016‑18 term.

The following 163 members were elected by delegates from their ministries:

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs ERC

Mélanie Bégin, co-chair, Local 506

Marcus Rangai, vice -chair, Local 506

Heidi Steffen-Petrie, member, Local 232

Robert MacDougall, first alternate, Local 211

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Meat Inspectors Subcommittee ERC

Marcus Rangai, co-chair, Local 506

Robert MacDougall, vice-chair, Local 211

Mélanie Bégin, member, Local 506

Ministry of the Attorney General ERC

Tim Elphick, co-chair, Local 225

Tina Stevens, vice-chair, Local 102

Karen Clark, member, Local 212

Nicole Stewart, member, Local 212

Ali Novin, first alternate, Local 551

Marie-Paule Duret, second alternate, Local 526

Joseph Blake, third alternate, Local 526

Loretta Clark, fourth alternate, Local 123

Ministry of Children and Youth Services ERC

Glenna Caldwell, co-chair, Local 302

Peter Harding, vice-chair, Local 337

Iraj Pakzamir, member, Local 112

Michael Fallon, first alternate, Local 290

Roger Lebel, second alternate, Local 708

Daryl Eckenstein, third alternate, Local 220

Brian Smith, fourth alternate, Local 618

Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Health and Safety Committee ERC

Anthony Cunningham (justice), co-chair, Local 337

Mary Ferreira (probation), vice-chair, Local 551

Tom Gibson (at large), member, Local 220

Paula van Dusen (justice), first alternate, Local 290

Narothan Maharaj (justice), second alternate, Local 290

Lillian Fisher (probation), first alternate, Local 551

Catherine Gino (probation), second alternate, Local 310

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration ERC

Darren Winger, co-chair, Local 154

Caroline Loiselle, vice-chair, Local 634

Marlene Wright, member, Local 701

Patricia Lofstrom, first alternate, Local 601

Heather Gushulak, second alternate, Local 729

Ministry of Community and Social Services ERC

Cindy Kraakman, co-chair, Local 302

Susan Fournier-Roy, vice-chair, Local 410

Maria Delara (FRO), member, Local 534

Nicole St. Amand (ODSP), member, Local 440

Melissa Pearson (ODSP), member at Large, Local 735

Bernadette Flowers, first alternate, Local 211

Laurie Filson, second alternate, Local 211

Michelle Morrison, third alternate, Local 222

Dennis Daoussis (FRO), alternate, Local 534

Chantale Francis, health and safety, Local 586

Maria Lampitoc, health and safety, alternate, Local 502

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services ERC

Monte Vieselmeyer, co-chair, Local 5112

Chris Jackel, vice-chair, Local 369

Chad Oldfield, member, Local 234

Scott McIntyre (Probation and Parole), member, Local 633

Ken Steinbrunner, first alternate, Local 642

Chris Butsch, second alternate, Local 368

James Nowe, third alternate, Local 719

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Health and Safety ERC

Sean Dunn, co-chair, Local 368

Mike Lundy, vice-chair, Local 737

Ryan Graham, first member, Local 234

Gord Kiernan, second member, Local 338

Randy Simpraga, first alternate, Local 135

Michelle MacLean, second alternate, Local 248

Jennifer Sipila, third alternate, Local 368

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Solicitor General) ERC

Drew Maddison, co-chair, Local 205

Ram Selvarajah, vice-chair, Local 524

Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Innovation

Haran Thurairasah, co-chair, Local 502

James Boyden, vice-Chair, Local 502

Sandra Small, member, Local 502

Les Tanaka, first alternate, Local 502

Ministry of Education ERC

Daryl O’Grady, co-chair, Local 456

Sandra Richardson, vice-chair, Local 219

Martin Grenier, member, Local 478

Wendy Abrams, first alternate, Local 302

David Rook, second alternate, Local 219

Robert Ryan, third alternate, Local 223

Ministry of Energy ERC

Cisca McInnis, co-chair, Local 553

Juliane Hoeft, alternate, Local 502

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change ERC

Janis Pechinger, co-chair, Local103

Shawn Burr, vice-chair, Local 702

Chris Johnson, member, Local 308

Jennifer Thornton, first alternate, Local 211

Julius Arscott, second alternate, Local 532

Laura Benakoun, third alternate, Local 553

Patrick Riley, fourth alternate, Local 553

Ministry of Finance/Revenue ERC

Dave Bissoon, co-chair, Local 599

Tracey Cribbs, vice-chair, Local 201

Kelly Reddy, member, Local 599

Tara O’Grady, member, Local 340

Kelly Reddy, health and safety representative, Local 599

Diane Audet, first alternate, Local 680

Debbie Riopelle, second alternate, Local 154

Ministry of Government Services ERC

Sylvie Valcourt, co-chair, Local 211

Debbie Ponte, vice-chair, Local 502

Spencer Mitchell, member, Local 533

Stacey Grieve, member, Local 736

Patrick Davidson, first alternate, Local 340

Barbara Gaudette, second alternate, Local 701

Pamela Serratan, third alternate, Local 528

Lori Smyth, fourth alternate, Local 102

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care ERC

Frank Wendling, co-chair, Local 468

Cindy Falcao, vice-chair, Local 201

Maureen Whyte, member, Local 340

Wade Stevenson, member, Local 318

Heather Dargavel, first alternate

Martin Santyr, second alternate, Local 468

Laurie Mulligan, third alternate, Local 628

Amanda Usher, fourth alternate, Local 302

Ministry of Labour ERC

Neil Martin, co-chair, Local 546

Ken Burns, vice-chair, Local 546

Richard Hutchinson, member, Local 230

Leslie Aiston, first alternate, Local 446

Barry Norton, second alternate, Local 154

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing ERC

Suzanne (Lise) Roy, co-chair, Local 632

Lorilee Riddell-Carpenter, vice-chair, Local 103

Ministry of Natural Resources ERC

Elaine Bagnall, co-chair, Local 362

Steve Anderson, vice-chair, Local 703

Helene Scott, member, Local 611

Daryl Smith, member, Local 640

Antonio Crispino, first alternate, Local 703

Chad Coxon, second alternate, Local 103

John Morison, third alternate, Local 727

Jeff Horula, fourth alternate, Local 627

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines ERC

Robert Sjonnesen, co-chair, Local 604

Cheryl McDonald, vice-chair, Local 701

Gregory Paju, member, Local 728

Linda Bouchard-Berzel, first alternate, Local 611

Siobhan O’Leary, second alternate, Local 634

Ontario Clean Water Agency ERC

Chris Eckert, co-chair, Local 584

Terry Truant, vice-chair, Local 154

Mark Yandt, member, Local 154

Patrick Dinel, member, Local 645

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport ERC

Julian Whittam, co-chair, Local 453

Anthony Sword, vice-chair, Local 549

Darlene Kinnear, member, Local 453

Cathy Spencer, member, Local 549

Vicki Owen, first alternate, Local 528

Derek Lessard, second alternate, Local 523

Nancy Dixon, third alternate, Local 453

Gidget McCullough, fourth alternate, Local 453

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development ERC

Mickey Riccardi, co-chair, Local 154

Sophie Ambrose, vice-chair, Local 736

Brenton Beeston, member, Local 532

Bonnie Sweet, first alternate, Local 432

Carla Scherle-Thompson, second alternate, Local 102

Paulette Gagné, third alternate, Local 736

Ministry of Transportation ERC

William Larose, co-chair, Local 634

Corrine Santagelo, vice-chair, Local 506

Edie Strachan, member, Local 506

Sean Iovacchini, member, Local 139

Rob Morningstar, first alternate, Local 270

Stella Martin, second alternate, Local 542

Sam Hardie, third alternate, Local 270

Suzanne Lessard, fourth alternate, Local 536

Ministry of Transportation, Health and Safety Committee ERC

William Larose, co-chair, Local 634

Corrine Santagelo, vice-chair, Local 506

Edie Strachan, member, Local 506

Sean Iovacchini, member, Local 139

Edie Strachan, health and safety officer, Local 506

Rob Morningstar, health and safety officer, Local 270

Sam Hardie, first alternate, Local 270

Suzanne Lessard, second alternate, Local 536

Treasury Board Secretariat

John Shirk, co-chair, Local 362

Rob Cox, vice-chair, Local 340

Vipin Sharma, member, Local 232

Rob Dampier, member, Local 634

Paul Opper, first alternate, Local 103

Joanne Villeneuve, second alternate, Local 729

Frances Wong, third alternate, Local 533