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Eight days in – and bargaining continues…

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Your bargaining team has now completed eight days of intense bargaining with the Ontario Hospital Association to renew our central collective agreement.

The team has tabled all of the demands that your delegates voted for at the provincial demand-set meeting held last fall.

We’re pleased to report that progress has been achieved on a number of important non-monetary items. The team continues to push the employer to agree to even more of your demands. However, there are some other key non-monetary items on which the parties are far apart.

The wage-capping Bill 124 has made this round of bargaining particularly difficult, and the parties are at odds on the question of compensation. Nevertheless, your team remains absolutely committed to extracting every single dollar possible from the employer.

In terms of next steps, we’ve got further bargaining dates later in May. Two of those dates will be mediation days with mediator Matthew Wilson.

We remain optimistic that further progress can, and will, be made at the bargaining table. We’ll keep you apprised of developments as they happen.

In solidarity,
Your Sector 10 Bargaining Team:
Sandi Blancher, chair
L106 – London Health Sciences Centre
Betty Palmieri, vice-chair
L206 – St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton
Brenda Allan
L215 – Niagara Health System
Bev Weaver
L4106 – Kingston Health Sciences Centre
Kelly Richmond
L480 – Quinte Healthcare Corporation
Adrian Balojin
L206 – St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton
Steve McCaw
L106 – London Health Sciences Centre